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COVID-19 and support

Here you will find blogs and information on support available during the pandemic, updates about our services, changes to the justice system and more.

COVID-19: Support available for women experiencing abuse

We know that the pandemic paired with current government restrictions can be particularly stressful and challenging for women experiencing abuse.

If you are in this situation, we want to reassure you that you are not alone.

Many organisations, centres and groups are adjusting their services to offer helplines and remote support for those in need.

Domestic abuse during coronavirus: what can I do?

Woman sitting on a sofa, holding her legs up and looking into the distance.

To mitigate the spread of Coronavirus, the government has introduce restrictions that affect how we usually live our lives. In many cases, we have had to move many of our activities to the home. However, we know that for some women and children home is not a safe or comfortable place, and for some, these measures could increase the risk of experiencing abuse.

In this fast changing situation, we understand you might have questions about what to do if you are experiencing domestic abuse. In this blog, we answer some common questions, including reporting to the police, where to get support, finding alternative accommodation and protections offered by the law.

Child contact and coronavirus: answers to common questions

With the introduction of different lockdown restrictions across Scotland, and the recent move of many local authority areas into the highest level of protection (Tier 4), it is understandable that you may feel anxious about child contact arrangements and what this might mean for you and your children.

In this page you will find general information about contact between your children and your ex-partner during the pandemic, as well as answers to common questions we’ve heard from women contacting us.

Last updated: 20 November 2020.

Abuse at university / college during COVID-19: support for students

Image of two students walking side-by-side.

With current COVID-19 measures, student life has drastically changed: most classes and social activities are taking place online and students are spending more time indoors and around the same people. Despite this, students can still experience abuse and violence, whether it is on or off campus, online or in person.

At this time it can feel more challenging than ever to know what to do or where to go after an experience of abuse, but we want to reassure you that support is out there.

In this blog we look at some ways you might experience abuse at university or college during the pandemic, we discuss some legal options (including reporting the incident), and provide information about where to get support.

‘No Recourse to Public Funds’ and migrant women living with abuse

Woman of colour in the city and looking straight at us.

In the UK, some migrants are subject to a condition called No Recourse to Public Funds or NRPF, which can have far reaching consequences for migrant women, particularly those living with abuse or violence.

In this blog we discuss what NRPF is and who is affected, what constitutes ‘public funds,’ and its effect on women leaving an abusive situation. We also explain some options available and share links to support.

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