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New sexual harassment legal service launched for women in Scotland

Illustration of a megaphone that reads 'Sexual harassment legal service'.

The Scottish Women’s Rights Centre (SWRC) have today (Thursday 1st August 2019) launched a new specialist legal service which will provide legal information, advice and representation to women who have experienced sexual harassment at work, in further education or online.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Illustration showing the silhouette of three different women.

Women experience sexual harassment in all aspects of their lives, to the extent that it has been normalised by society. People often call it ‘banter’ or a ‘just a bit of a joke’, but its impact can be devastating, especially when it is not recognised as abuse.

In the past few years, sexual harassment has gained global visibility and attention thanks to the #MeToo and TIMES’S UP campaigns. But what is it and what can people do about it?

In this factsheet, you will find an overview of what sexual harassment is, some legal options and where to get legal and other types of support in Scotland if you have been affected by sexual harassment.

Introducing Sarah Mennie – Sexual Harassment Solicitor

We’re excited to introduce you to Sarah Mennie, one of the newest members of our team, and the solicitor who will run our newly launched sexual harassment legal service.

In this blog, Sarah tell us about working at the Scottish Women’s Rights Centre, her expertise in human rights and discrimination law, and her experience working with victims/survivors of sexual violence.

Illustration with hand holding a banner that reads 'Sarah Mennie'.

Invitation to tender: Independent evaluation of the SWRC



Rape Crisis Scotland, on behalf of the Scottish Women’s Rights Centre (SWRC), is contracting an external evaluator to assess the impact of the Centre.

Photo of a hand filling a form.

Domestic Abuse and Scots Law - Training for Solicitors

This legal workshop will equip delegates with the knowledge and practical tools to develop their approach to identifying and engaging with clients, including women, children and families, who have experienced domestic abuse.

Helen Hughes, an expert legal practitioner with over 30 years' experience in this area of law, will be delivering and facilitating the workshop. It will be presented in a facilitative manner, allowing delegates to work through a number of practical case studies in small groups, with ample opportunity for discussion, reflection and questions.

Photo of a courthouse facade.