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Olive Morris and her fight for gender, racial and housing equality

Photo of Olive Morris looking straight into the camera and smiling.

Although often overlooked, Black women and women of colour have been at the centre of the fight for women’s rights, equality and social justice in the UK. This Black History Month we want to pay tribute to an outstanding Black activist who, despite her short life, she left a long-lasting legacy of activism that continues to empower the people at the margins of our society.

Domestic abuse and support in the workplace – what needs to change?

Photo shows two office women sitting across from each other on a small round table and having a relaxed conversation. They're sitting next to a window in an office building.

Support in the workplace is critical for women experiencing domestic abuse, and for some it can be a lifeline. This is especially pertinent at the moment when the COVID-19 pandemic means most employees are now working from home. For those living with abusive partners, they might now find themselves trapped with their abuser for significant periods of time and may find it more difficult to reach out for advice and support.

Perspective matters when it comes to securing social justice: the Scottish Feminist Judgments Project

by Sharon Cowan, Chloë Kennedy and Vanessa Munro

Abstract art piece of a red background with two half ovals in teal and blue. The head of a woman appears at the intersection of the two ovals.

What is the Scottish Feminist Judgments Project (SFJP)? The SFJP is a collaborative legal project involving over 40 contributors: university academics, lawyers, judges, activists and artists. The project examines sixteen important legal cases in Scotland, and rewrites the judges’ decisions as if the judge had been a feminist, using only the resources that would have been available to the judge at the time of the original case.

Child Welfare Reports: what are they and why do they matter in domestic abuse cases?

Two little girls colouring books.

Over the past four years, Richard Whitecross, a legal researcher at Edinburgh Napier University, has been doing research on how the courts handle child contact cases in which there has been domestic abuse. He has interviewed lawyers, sheriffs and many women with children.

One of the key concerns raised with him by mothers with experience of domestic abuse is about the Child Welfare Report prepared for the court. With support from the Royal Society of Edinburgh, he is beginning a new project to look at Child Welfare Reports and how they report, or not, domestic abuse.

Shedding light on the challenges faced by BAME women in Scotland

As part of a feminist leadership group based in Scotland, we have published a series of blogs from BAME women in Scotland, highlighting the challenges and inequalities many Black and ethnic minority women are facing.

The blogs are written by members of the Feel Good Women’s Group in Govanhill, the Ubuntu Women Shelter, members of the Young Women’s Movement in Scotland and Zero Tolerance. They discuss a variety of issues including community activism, the impact of the policy of no recourse to public funds, personal experiences of racism and sexism and the links between anti-racism work and prevention of violence against women.

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