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Introducing Clair Jones

The SWRC team is growing and we are happy to introduce our new colleagues! First up, we sat down with our new Advocacy Worker - Clair Jones.

Before joining the SWRC, Clair was a Social Worker in a local authority children and families team. She has worked in the health and social care sector since 2009, taking on different roles within the field, including child and adult care. She holds an undergraduate MA in History from the University of Glasgow and a Postgraduate diploma in Social Work from the University of Strathclyde.

Hi, Clair! Could you tell us more about what drew you to the SWRC?

There were many aspects of SWRC that attracted me to my new role. Firstly, I felt this was a project that was working for both legal and social justice, which is something I am absolutely passionate about. I am also an avid supporter of the feminist movement and welcomed the opportunity to take this interest and knowledge forward in a professional setting. I have experience working with survivors of gender-based violence and have developed skills in supporting women, children and families, which I feel would benefit those accessing the service. The SWRC embodies my own values and ethics and I feel that their work in the legal sector is helping to change the experiences of women who have suffered gender-based violence.

What is advocacy for you?

I believe the heart of advocacy is providing emotional and practical support to ensure that the voice of a survivor is heard and processes are undertaken fairly. It is also my belief that advocacy helps to empower the people I work with, to support them to make decisions which are in their best interests and to ensure that the people I work with are safe from harm.

What are you most looking forward to in working with the SWRC?

I am most looking forward to building positive relationships with service users and staff within the SWRC. I have always found that the best part of my job has been when I have developed a trusting and positive relationship with those accessing services. I am looking forward to working with people on a daily basis and doing whatever I can to support them. I am also looking forward to furthering the goals of the SWRC and contributing to their work to empower women.

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