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RISE blog: Supporting Tamara

Image that reads: RISE blog: Supporting Tamara

‘Tamara’ is an EU citizen living in Scotland. She was involved in selling and exchanging sex. Tamara attended a legal surgery with solicitors at JustRight Scotland who now also offer legal advice through RISE@SWRC.

She got advice and assistance to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme. Tamara met with Kirsty who explained the process to her and supported her to make the application herself. Tamara’s application was successful and she now has settled status in the UK.

Tamara returned to the legal surgery for advice on an application for criminal injuries compensation to the criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) in relation to violence she had experienced from an ex-partner during their relationship. Tamara had already submitted the application but was concerned that she had not completed it correctly and needed additional information on the process. Kirsty checked Tamara’s application and gave advice on evidence needed and guidance on the process and what to expect.

When Tamara received a letter from CICA requesting more information, she came back to the surgery for advice. She met with Anushya who explained where and how to get the information and what to do next. Tamara was able to meet CICA’s request and is now awaiting the outcome of her application.

Tamara reported her ex-partner to the police and he was charged. Tamara returned to the surgery for advice on preparing a victim impact statement for the Court. She later contacted the surgery for advice on the criminal justice process because she was confused about how the Court process worked and was worried that the prosecution of her ex-partner was going to be dropped. Anushya explained the different stages of the Court process and what will happen next. She also signposted to victim support organisations for additional advice Tamara needed. Tamara knows she can come back to the surgery as and when she needs advice and support.

Kirsty and Anushya are experienced human’s rights solicitors with expertise in women’s rights, immigration and violence against women. They are both part of JustRight Scotland and currently support our pilot project RISE@SWRC to support women who sell/exchange sex in Scotland who have experienced abuse or violence.

You can get in touch with Anushya and Kirsty by filing out this form.

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