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Latest news

Announcement: new partnership with JustRight Scotland

The Scottish Women’s Rights Centre is delighted to announce our new partnership with JustRight Scotland, a Scottish legal provider with human rights at their core.

Scotland's new Domestic Abuse Bill is published

The Scottish Women’s Rights Centre welcomes the launch of Scotland’s new Domestic Abuse Bill.

At the moment, there is a significant gap between criminal justice responses to and the evidence and experience of women who are subject to domestic abuse. Without legislation that encompasses and criminalises the broad range of abusive tactics perpetrators use against victims, including psychological, emotional, financial, sexual and physical abuse, women are too often left vulnerable, unsupported by the legal framework and unable to access justice.

'I just froze'

Rape Crisis Scotland yesterday (7th March) launched a powerful and creative campaign set to challenge and change common misconceptions that there is a right or wrong way for people to react during or after a rape.