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Sexual Harassment CPD for Lawyers

This online course is for legal professionals to better understand how the law on sexual harassment relates to the workplace. It can count towards verifiable CPD.

Being a better colleague: understanding and identifying sexual harassment in your workplace



  1. You will be aware of how, where and when sexual harassment occurs in the legal sector
  1. You will be able to identify what the definition of sexual harassment looks like in practice
  1. You will know where to find further materials and support about sexual harassment in the legal sector

After the training, we hope you will:

  1. Be motivated to find out more about your organisation’s policies and practices around sexual harassment and gender-based violence
  1. Be an informed and supportive colleague
  1. Feel more confident to use inclusive language
  1. Share your knowledge with colleagues and peers

Why the training is important

We know that sexual harassment is a problem across society but also the legal sector in Scotland. In 2019, 74% of sexual harassment in the legal sector globally went unreported. In Scotland there are challenges like anonymity in a small sector, creating accountability mechanisms that work if senior staff are alleged perpetrators, and third party harassment from clients can be unchallenged due to financial factors.

What can we do? We can start by understanding the scope of the problem, why it exists and learn more about how the law is designed to protect people.

Sign up to access the course via the online form and digital partners JRS Knowhow will send you joining instructions.

About the training

The module will take approximately 1-2 hours and is designed in 20-minute chunks for you to complete. You can complete the module in one go or come back to it. It is designed to work on mobile, tablets and computers.

There are lots of different activities including text, audio and videos. It has been designed collaboratively with people who are about to start working in the legal sector, with an advisory group of people working across the legal sector representing lots of different roles. The module was also tested with a pilot organisation.

It is designed to be relevant to everyone working in the legal sector. Whether you are a lawyer or a solicitor, legal technologist, paralegal, working as a crucial service provider like interpreter, or work within a legal organisation in a wider role within operations.

All you need to participate in the course is an internet connection and a willingness to learn.

The module includes:

  • Why it is important to address sexual harassment in the legal sector
  • An explanation of relevant laws in relation to sexual harassment
  • A choice of practical case studies which have been fictionalised
  • Interactive activities, including an optional quiz at the end
  • Signposting further resources and learning
  • Space for you to reflect on what you want to do after completing the module

This module doesn’t go into detail about sexual harassment or gender-based violence. However, the topic might be difficult for you. We signpost further sources of support within the module.

About the trainers

The Scottish Women’s Rights Centre are a collaboration between JustRight Scotland, Rape Crisis Scotland and the Strathclyde University Law Clinic. We provide free, confidential legal advice to women survivors of gender-based violence across Scotland through daily helplines, legal surgeries and 121 appointments. Our work includes advising victims of sexual harassment in the workplace about their rights and remedies. We provide legal guides on topics including Stopping Sexual Violence and Harassment in the Workplace and deliver training to other solicitors on specialist work with survivors of domestic abuse.

JRS Knowhow is a consultancy delivering engaging, accessible, and inclusive training and learning experiences. We deliver training about what legal rights and equalities law mean in reality. JRS Knowhow has a vision of a Scotland where people understand their rights and how to protect them, and where organisations understand their legal duties to promote equality.

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