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Legal guides

In here you will find guides with information about legal processes relevant to cases of abuse and violence against women, and about your rights when reporting the abuse to the Police.



Resource: Making a disclosure of abuse on social media

Economic Abuse and the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act

Brexit Factsheet (Portuguese) - Ficha Informativa do Brexit

Brexit Factsheet (Polish) - Zestawienie informacji o Brexicie

Brexit Factsheet (Slovak) - Informačný prehľad o Brexite

Brexit Factsheet (Romanian) - Fișă informativă privind Brexit

Brexit Factsheet (Spanish) - Hoja informativa sobre el Brexit

Brexit Factsheet (Italian) - Scheda informativa sulla Brexit

Brexit Factsheet (French) - Fiche d’information Brexit

No Recourse To Public Funds - Guide (English)

No Recourse to Public Funds - Guide (Farsi): «عدم دسترسی به وجوه عمومی» و زنان مهاجری که با آزار و اذیت مواجه هستند

No Recourse to Public Funds - Guide (French): « Pas de recours aux fonds publics » et femmes migrantes victimes de maltraitance

No Recourse to Public Funds - Guide (Spanish): "Sin recurso a fondos públicos" y mujeres inmigrantes que viven con abuso

No Recourse to Public Funds - Guide (Urdu): عوامی فنڈز کی استعانت سے محرومی' اور بدسلوکی کے ساتھ زندگی گزارنے والی مہاجر خواتین

No Recourse to Public Funds - Guide (Arabic): سياسة 'عدم اللجوء إلى الأموال العامة’ والنساء المهاجرات اللائي يعانين من سوء المعاملة

Forced Marriage - Factsheet (Tigrinya): ኣገዲድካ ዝግበር መርዓ

Forced Marriage - Factsheet (Swahili): ndoa ya kulazimishwa

Forced Marriage - Factsheet (Lingala): libala ya forcé

Forced Marriage - Factsheet (French): le mariage forcé

Forced Marriage - Factsheet (Arabic): الزواج القسري

Forced Marriage - Factsheet

Immigration: printable information leaflet

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