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Information and legal guides

The SWRC is developing this area to provide information on a range of information resources for women survivors of gender based violence.

This video is for anyone who is thinking about reporting a sexual crime or who has already reported and their case is currently in Scottish justice system. There are interviews with key professionals and an overview of how to report and what you may expect at each stage of the process.

You can also watch this film with subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing; in Arabic; in French; in Polish; in Slovak; in Chinese; and in Urdu.

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Reporting Stalking - Your Rights

This leaflet will provide you with some information about what to expect if you report an incident to the police and outlines some of your basic rights.

Filename: SWR-012-stalking-03-ONLINE.pdf | File size: 112KB | Tags: stalking domestic abuse rights reporting police help support
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Evidence on civil actions for damages in respect of rape or other serious crimes

Response from the Scottish Women's Rights Centre to the Justice Committee in the Scottish Parliament's call for evidence on civil actions for damages in respect of rape or other serious crimes.

Filename: SWRC-Evidence-to-Justice-Committee.pdf | File size: 145KB | Tags: rape, civil damages, crime, sexual assault, courts, scotland, scots law, justice, gender, gender based violence, violence against women
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Evidence on the protection of workers from sexual harassment and creating positive cultural change

Evidence submitted by the Scottish Women’s Rights Centre to the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee at the Scottish Parliament on the protection of workers from sexual harassment, and campaigns and initiatives that succeed in bringing about positive cultural change in the workplace.

Filename: SWRC-Evidence-to-Standards-and-Procedures-Committee.pdf | File size: 205KB | Tags: sexual harassment, scottish parliament, holyrood, assault, campaigns, change, workplace, workplace harassment
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Consultation Response: Pre-Recording Evidence of Child and Other Vulnerable Witnesses

Read our response to the Scottish Government's consultation on Pre-Recording Evidence of Child and Other Vulnerable Witnesses submitted 30/09/17.

Filename: Children-and-Vulnerable-Witnesses-Consultation-Response.pdf | File size: 60KB | Tags: consultation response children vulnerable witnesses prerecording evidence courts
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Equally Safe - consultation on the draft delivery plan

Read our response to the Scottish Government's consultation on the draft delivery plan for Equally Safe, submitted 29/06/17

Filename: Equally-Safe-Consultation-SWRC.pdf | File size: 172KB | Tags: equally safe consultation response delivery plan strategy
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Getting Legal Representation

Getting involved with a legal dispute can be a daunting process, and sometimes finding a solicitor and getting started can be a difficult step. This information will guide you through the process of finding a solicitor, knowing what to look for, and what you can do to prepare for an initial meeting with a solicitor.

Filename: SWR-010-Legal-Representation-WEB.pdf | File size: 88KB | Tags: law solicitor legal representation
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Stopping Harassment - A Legal Guide

The ‘Stopping Harassment’ legal guide explains how to obtain protective orders to improve women’s safety and will be a helpful resource for any woman living with stalking or harassment or for professionals who may have a role in supporting survivors.

Filename: SWR-008-Legal-Guide-A5-Folded-WEB.pdf | File size: 88KB
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Information and help after rape and sexual assault

Practical information for survivors of sexual crimes aged 16+, including how rape and sexual assault may affect you, how the legal process works if you report and where to get more support and information.

Filename: Information-and-help-after-rape-and-sexual-assault.pdf | File size: 311KB
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Information and support for anyone experiencing sexual violence and harassment in the workplace

Information for women experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace including actions you may consider, employers' responsibilities and the law.

Filename: sexual-harassment-leaflet.pdf | File size: 327KB
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Sensitive and Personal Records: Information for victims of sexual crimes

This leaflet explains why the Crown Office Procurator Fiscal Service (the prosecutor) may need to obtain your sensitive and personal records, held by bodies such as the NHS, and how this information might be used.

Filename: Sensitive-Records.pdf | File size: 2586KB